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  • LeBelge

    On est de retour lundi d'ici là ...…

  • Wiz Khalifa

    Im feeling like a dad.

  • Wiz Khalifa…

  • Wiz Khalifa

    Shouldn't care about things that don't matter.

  • Naughtyboymusic

    no one owns music. the people do.

  • Joke

    Y'a des surprises qui arrivent sur vous.

  • Wiz Khalifa

    "This is one of my favorite songs on the album, ‘House on the Hills,’ just based off of the content and what it really means. I tried to capture some real moments in my life, and Curren$y is very much a part of my life — just as far as music, and [on] a personal level, that’s my bro. And a lot of my accomplishments, I feel like are our own accomplishments, like, both of us. So, I wanted t...

  • Naughtyboymusic

    hate to see y'all frown but i'd rather see her smile

  •  Merci Alger <3
    Mister You

    Merci Alger ♥

  • Lil Wayne

    Photos du journal@[142029109274703:274:Juicy J] Drops New Video “Low” Ft. @[150024648352527:274:Nicki Minaj], Lil Bibby And Young Thug -

  • Macklemore

    YO.. catch me in @FooFighters #SonicHighways. Debuts 10/17 @ 11ET on @HBO. See the trailer here:

  • LeBelge

    You got it bro @criscab #IceBucketChallenge yeahhhh

  • Naughty Boy

    how long has it been, since our last argument ? #howlong

  • au "Stand Up New York"
#NextStep #NextLevel #StandUp  #Manhattan #work #focus #IdidIt #OranBruxellesParisNewYork
    Nawell Madani

    au "Stand Up New York" #NextStep #NextLevel #StandUp #Manhattan #work #focus #IdidIt #OranBruxellesParisNewYork

  • ❤️an old drawing I've done with progress pics☺️ @j3nnysdr3aming
    Jessie J

    ❤️an old drawing I've done with progress pics☺️ @j3nnysdr3aming

  • Pharrell Williams

    Thank you @CampMarkSeven for this #ASL version of #HAPPY

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